Trusted Sources

There is an abundance of helpful information available to you online.  The challenge is separating the wheat from the chaff!  Here are some of my favourite links that contain amazing insight regardless of the size of your organization.  Stay tuned for one featured site each month. – Still a great source of informative, Canadian guidance for nonprofits and charities alike (including archives of my monthly fundraising columns from 2009-2012). – Practical “fact sheets” for non-profit organizations. Published by the Ontario’s agricultural ministry these resources are particularly helpful to grassroots organizations. – Imagine Canada exists to ensure that charities continue to play a pivotal role in building, enriching and defining our nation. They offer a “Standards Program” that accredits nonprofits who demonstrate excellence. Whether you subscribe or not to this program, their guidelines provide an ideal that your leadership team can strive towards. They also have very useful “Resources and Tools”. – The Muttart Foundation not only grants funds to registered charities but has history of supporting research and organizational capacity building. Their “Resources” section is filled with useful information including Board Development Workbooks. – Charity Central was one of the Canada Revenue Agency funded projects (like Imagine Canada and the Charity Law Information Program that I worked on with lawyer Mark Blumberg. These projects ended around 2012 but there is a wealth of information that is still useful today and well worth exploring, particularly for resources related to CRA compliance in user-friendly language. – This U.S. based site contains an array of governance and nonprofit knowledge that isn’t all that different from Canada.  At first glance, it appears you have to buy all their resources. However, if you “subscribe” you will receive opportunities for free downloads.