Sample Engagements

This summary is in need of an update but suffice it to say, after 30 years of providing Training and Coaching on all topics related to Board Governance, including Strategic Planning and all aspects of Effective Fund Development name your need and we’ll craft a session together that addresses all the Learning Objectives and Key Deliverables that ensure your staff and volunteer teams receive the guidance (training) and support (coaching) they require to succeed!




Nov. 20/17
2-3:30 p.m.

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Toronto Conference – Nov. 20-22

Hamster, Horse or Hawk: Where Do You Fit in the Development Department?

Nov. 15/17
6-9 p.m.
Brampton, ON – 905-238-2622

Board Governance Series
Diversified Fund Development & Sustainability

June 22/17

Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders – Ontario – Annual Conference

Focussed Fundraising

May 30/17

Spoken Lives, Toronto

“Neverdun” Learning

Apr. 5/17

Muskoka Community Foundation

Rekindling the Spark: Motivating Your “Smart & Caring” Team

Mar. 29/17

Peterborough GreenUP

Annual General Meeting Keynote Address
Cultivating Your Fundraising Garden

Nov. 21/16

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Toronto Congress Conference

Being Professional and Strategic without Fundraising Staff

Nov. 15/16

Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough – Philanthropy Forum

Good to Great Governance: Why & How?

Oct. 27/16

Peterborough & Area Fundraisers Network

Great Expectations! Building Strong Board/Staff Development Teams

Sept. 7/16

Creative Champions Network,
Get On Board Program

The Board’s Role in Successful Fund Development