Welcome Home!

and I’m here to help you!

I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy during this 2020 “twilight zone” we’re in!

With 30+ years working with boards and chief executives (EDs & CEOs) in governance, strategic planning, fund development and communications, I thought I’d seen it all… until COVID-19.

What I am now seeing is extraordinary bravery and resourcefulness, beyond anything imaginable. I’ve seen incredibly creative strategies being invented “just in time” and I continue to see outstanding generosity in the face of adversity!

I completely understand your budgets are being stretched to new lengths. Let’s talk bottom line and come up with a mutually-agreeable partnership that works for everyone.

I promise I will provide you with affordable, practical answers to your challenges, co-created to suit the needs of your organization and team members! (See my Services and Clients tabs to explore your options and if your issue hasn’t been addressed there…ask me anything…I’m a constantly curious sleuth and if I don’t have an immediate response, I love learning something new!)

When you choose Elderstone Resource Development you can count on:

  • Full access to the principal consultant, Cynthia J. Armour, CFRE (Certified FundRaising Executive)
  • Creative, practical solutions steeped in best practices in board governance, strategic planning and fund development
  • Cross-sectoral perspective with experience in business, government and 25+ years helping voluntary sector leaders strengthen their cause
  • Urban, rural and remote knowledge of the geographic challenges you face
  • Value for your investment
  • And a healthy sense of humour to help you laugh and learn.

The video below introduced my 2017 session at AFP Congress. Meet Brock the Bronco. He got fired from the Toronto disMounted Police for bucking officers off…he’s 1800 pounds and 5’10” at the shoulders.  He challenges and inspires me on a daily basis and has taught me how to set him up for success rather than failure…and I can do that with your team too!